Duck hunts

Details about various types of hunting

Hunting is one of the passionate, skillful hobby for many from ancient days till now. In olden days, kings show their skills by doing different stunts and one such thing which is done to show off their talent to others is hunting. Some people hunt animals as a part of their job as they can sell the flesh of hunted animals but other set of people do hunting as their time pass, for enjoyment and as hobby too. Hunting is of different types such as bird hunting, bear hunting, shark hunting and many more. Some of them are discussed in the following passages.

Bird hunting

This is one of the popular form of hunting which exists still now. Bird hunting usually happens as duck hunting. Even contest are being held for this kind of hunting and making it as a legal activity to kill animals. Officials declare it as hunting season in which the birds will arrive mostly and so the hunters can make use of it well. People who hunt birds during the hunting period tries to extend throughout the year depending on the hunted species. Birds are easily frightened species and so choosing wise clothes before going to hunting so as not to fear out the birds. One of the popular bird hunting is duck hunts. This hunting happens for pride and for having the meat also.

Great white shark hunting

The great white shark is one of the endangered species and it is banned to hunt such species still many are hunting it for their fins. Over millions of shark has been killed for making fin soup from the fins of the shark. Shark fin soup is one of the delicate dish which is considered as having high qualities in most of the countries. Some protestors are trying to ban this act yet this hunting is famous as millions of money is evolved in this business.