It seems that the last Black Friday turned out to be in favor for electronics and clothing.


Black Friday Event Brings Shoppers A Week-Long Celebration Of Fun And Exciting Deals?


Black Friday each year is a shopping event that is most patronized in UK and US as shoppers’ plan of seizing the best deals while they go about with their shopping spree. Having the knowledge earlier on can help them prepare and get the biggest piece of the deals provided during such event. The good thing about it is before the event people are already saving up for the items that they need and identifying the brands and prioritizing their requirements. If the family needs a new television set then this will be on top of their list going downwards to the least of their necessities.



Main factors that promptconsumers to shop during Black Friday

  1. High discounts and big promotions – are often offered during Black Friday which are not being offered in other times of the year.
  2. Steep discounts and special promotions that are not offered at other times of the year
  3. Early Christmas shopping – with its low price and near Christmas season, ideal for an early Christmas shopping
  4. Branded products are available and they come with personalized marketing. Some shoppers love getting these brands particularly if these are given with big early-bird discounts. Some however prefers higher discounts even with unbranded products, or lower brands.

They were setting their choice on clothes and electronics

Though many prefer purchasing in various across all choices, electronics seem to be the most preferred. Clothing was the close second while books, movies and music came in third from the choices. Other categories that were also considered in the choices were Beauty products and fragrances, toys and groceries too including beverages.

Final Thought

Though there were some who would have considered laptops and desktops as one of the primary choices with black Friday sales while online transactions will dominate.